N-Nitrosamine Definition:

A compound with the structure R2N-N=O.

N-Nitrosamine Explained:

Organic molecule that contain Nirosco group which is attached to nitrogen.The rapid formation of N-nitrosamines from the reaction of N-methylpiperazine, morpholine, and piperidine with nitric oxide (NO) in the presence of Hl (Kl plus HCl), neutral metal iodides, and acid halides plus Kl is reported for ethanolic and aqueous ethanolic solutions at 25 °C.

Spectroscopic studies show that a feature common to all these reactions is the oxidation of iodide ion to molecular iodine by NO under acidic conditions with concurrent formation of nitrous oxide (N2O). Since interaction of NO with iodine produces nitrosyl iodide (NOl), this reagent is considered to form the N-nitrosamine by reaction with unprotonated amine.

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