Claisen Condensation

Claisen Condensation Definition:

Claisen condensation is defined as a nucleophilic acyl substitution reaction in which the nucleophile is an ester enolate and the electrophile is an ester.

Claisen Condensation Explained:

The carbon bonds form between two esters or one ester with another carbonyl compound while there is a strong base which when combined create a reaction. The mechanism by which this reaction is carried out consists of four stages:

  1. Deprotination of the alpha position to for na ester enolate.
  2. The enolate is now a good nucleophile, and attacks an ester.
  3. The intermediate stabilizes by reforming a carbonyl group, i.e. removing an alkoxide ion.
  4. The alpha position is again deprotinated to form a double, stable enolate.

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