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Ever search for something related to chemistry and find all sorts of useless crap that makes you want to slam your head against the table?

Or websites that were like designed in 1980?

Well me too!

ChemistryScore is designed to alleviate the stress of organic chemistry (expect to see future support for biochem, inorganic chem, and all the other ‘chems’ that exist) by providing with bite-sized chunks of information that can be easily digested by any caffeine-induced-last-minute-studier.

Clearly, the website could see some improved design element – no doubt, but I am still working on it so over the next few months, expect an overall improvement of the website.

Afterall, I am a college student myself, so I work on this as part-timeĀ gig…

My goal is to make Chemistryscore.com your go-to-source for studying chemistry.

Have a great day!